VS Gold Standard Collection


Personal connection is fundamental to building relationships, reinforcing community, and strengthening your optometry practice. This collection was designed to help Vision Source members connect and cultivate relationships with neighboring physicians and to support your introduction to your greater healthcare community.




APPOINT a person to handle your PCP Marketing.


Use the physician locator on Insight to get a CUSTOMIZED list of local PCPs.


REVIEW all the resources in the Gold Standard Connections tab and WATCH helpful videos created by your peers and Vision Source field experts.


REVIEW your calendar and MAKE a plan. Don’t forget to use all of our great resources.


ORDER your Gold Standard Collection boxes and SCHEDULE your visits!


  • What is the turnaround time?

    All orders will ship in 3-5 business days.

  • I’m not Vision Source branded – is there an option for me?

    If you are not Vision Source branded, the advanced customization option is for you. It allows you to replace the Vision Source logo with your practice logo.

  • What is advanced customization?

    BOX: Advanced customization replaces the Vision Source logo with your practice logo on the box, tumbler, and referral pad and changes the exterior box label colors to match your brand image. Added cost: $350

    PACKET: Advanced customization replaces the Vision Source logo with your practice logo on the front sticker and referral pad. Added cost: $200

    REFERRAL PAD RESTOCK: Advanced customization replaces the Vision Source logo with your practice logo on the referral pad. Added cost: $75

  • What is the Classic Follow-Up Packet?

    We recommend using the Classic Follow-Up as a second touch-point after your initial PCP visit. It can be presented as a gentle reminder about your practice and the collaborative care opportunity.

  • How do I order for a co-op?

    To place a single order for a co-op group, have each doctor select their desired products, then add them to the cart. Once all doctors in the group have added their selections, and custom referral pad information, you will proceed to checkout under one payment method and billing address.

  • I don’t see exactly what I want. Are there other options?

    We can tailor the Gold Standard Collection to reflect your practice’s unique brand. To get started, just send us an email at info@vsgoldstandardcollection.com.


More than 600 million people around the world are blind or vision impaired because they do not have access to the eye exams and glasses they need.

This order funds the establishment of low-cost vision centers and training of local eyecare professionals in developing communities.

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